Enjoy a great day out in one of Queensland’s most popular boating destinations, and then return home to your own private pontoon. Calypso Bay residents can enjoy their days exploring the natural wonderland around them, with plenty of safe anchorages available for an overnight or weekend stay. Residents can enjoy easy access to locations like South Stradbroke Island. This idyllic boating destination has an abundant number of local wallabies, bird species and flora. The surf beach also offers spectacular views of the beautiful Gold Coast and you can catch glimpses of the majestic humpback whales migrating North to breed during whale watching season, which starts in June and runs through to late October.

Tipplers Passage is another popular boating destination within easy reach from Calypso Bay, with a fantastic kiosk with the camping and playground facilities – making this is a popular destination for families. Other popular boating options include The Bedroom Anchorage, Dux Anchorage and Couran Cove Resort. Horizon Shores and the Runaway Bay Marina are readily located for re-fuelling your boat. The main entry to the 900 lot housing development at Calypso Bay is The “Grand Canal”, which is 75 metres wide – with other canals having a width of 50 to 60 metres and an average depth of 2.5 metres at low tide.


Our custom built marina features a higher than standard freeboard, fltter gangways and wider than normal walkways. Plus, a depth of up to 13 metres makes it one of the deepest marinas in Australia.


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